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Our Trainer

Heather has been riding and competing since she was 6 years old. She began competing as a junior in dressage through fourth level, and eventing through prelim including qualifying for the Debroke championship in 1990. She graduated as a B pony clubber before making the change to hunter/jumper.

Heather has ridden with many top professionals including George Morris, Frank Madden, Ronnie and Bert Mutch, Hilda Gurney, and Joe Fargis. As a junior she also worked at Valhalla Farm in Lake City Florida, developing a great sense for working with and starting young horses. She then continued with her own business, eventually moving it to the Alpharetta area. She had both young training horses and top show horses competing up through Grand Prix, and showing competitively in the Southeast, including Devon and Harrisburg where horses and students received top ribbons.

Heather continues to clinic with top professionals to constantly improve her knowledge of the sport and her ability to help the riders and horses.

The success of HMS stables comes from the attention spent on detail and the individualized programs for the horses and riders.

She is very passionate about the sport and always puts the horses well-being as a top priority.